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Our speciality

Our Speciality

We improve the efficiency of your vehicle by increasing the capability of carrying up to 60 to 65 tons by modifying chassis (frame-work).


Increasing the carrying capacity saves trips back for reloading and vehicle gets stronger running gear - diff etc


Get heavy vehicles like trailers also aligned!

Many of you must be thinking that, when should I get an alignment?
The answer is simple, no worries! You have just to contact us for free consultation. As tires and wheels can get easily misaligned so, you need to remember few points given below

  • Road conditions
  • Driving habits, for example hitting bumps etc.
  • Getting into minor accident

Most often, the front wheels are more susceptible to losing proper alignment, though rear wheels can also experience issues with displacement and proper alignment in many of today's vehicles. The process of alignment varies depending on the vehicle.

Losses of misalignment

  • Other problems can raise their heads with in vehicle system
  • Vehicle will pull one way or other
  • Vibration will be caused in steering wheel
  • It causes uneven and/or premature tire wear
  • Uneven tread wear will decrease the safe driving life of a tire
  • May damage a tire beyond repair, requiring premature replacement

Benefits of wheel alignment

It is very important to get regular wheel alignment

  • Reduce tyre wear : Proper alignment & balancing will decrease irregular tyre wear.
  • Increase tyre life and performance : It will increase life of tyres & suspension parts, saving your pocket.
  • Increased fuel efficiency : It increases the fuel economy of vehicle by preventing extra stress on engine and pocket.
  • Reduced steering and stability problems : The steering control is improved for pleasant driving and it will provide stability to vehicle by blocking additional problems that could have got raised due to misalignment.
  • Improve Driving safety: It increases stability and safety by maintaining the wide range of models.

What make us unique in market?

Our certified technicians are equipped with experience and contemporary tools & technology that are necessary to properly align tyres to the exact specifications of specific vehicle makes and models.

We have capability to convert air system into leaf spring system of any heavy vehicle.

Advantages of Metal leaf suspension

Due to the sheer amount of metal layered together, leaf springs offer a large amount of support between the wheels, axles and the car’s chassis. They can take huge vertical loads being applied to them due to their tight-knit structure, hence why heavy duty industries still use them. Vertical loading is also distributed throughout the length of the leaf spring rather than acutely through a small spring and damper, which can potentially create a concentrated force too large for the suspension to handle.

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