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Check Engine light diagnosis Dubai

Choose the Best Garage in Dubai for Effective Car Maintenance

Are you looking out for best car garage where you can gain complete car maintenance and repair services? Then, you must choose the Najmat Al Sahra garage which is serving in Dubai for years. We can be a trustworthy and reliable service provider for your valuable vehicle.

Just in the case when you need a doctor for treating a patient, we at Najmat Al Sahra garage can be a helping aid for your cars and other vehicles. You can contact us anytime even for an oil change Dubai or for any type of vehicle maintenance or repairing work.

Aware of technical know-how

We can proffer you every detailed service to all types of vehicles which includes trucks, SUVs, vans, sedans and others. We guarantee you reliable and safe services every time. The back end teams working in our garage are experts in their work and are well aware of technical know-how related to oil change Dubai and other related services Their attention is much towards the repairing of vehicles and they always make use of high-quality tools and spare parts while repairing them. No matter, if your exhaust System is causing trouble or your car AC, our repairing services are available round the clock and we guarantee to service your vehicle in the most environment- friendly way.

While performing the coolant exchange Dubai maintenance work or repairs, we use upgraded quality of materials so that your interiors and exteriors don’t get affected and neither cause any scratch on your polished car. Once we are done with the changing of parts or with AC system service and repair Dubai, we handover your sparkling classic vehicle in an improved condition.

Balancing of frames to headlight repairs

Our AC system service and repair Dubai also guarantees the best work. From AC repair to its maintenance, changing of exhaust System parts, frame balancing to headlight repairing, our car garage is famous all over Dubai for its effective and affordable jobs and services. Our professionals even check engine light diagnosis Dubai easily and such related services offered by us within less time makes us more premium and much better than our competitors. The clients need not be worried about the result, as your precious cars get pampered and repaired by us, who are the car servicing experts.

Our staff is perfectly trained under the guidance of rich supervisors and offers check engine light diagnosis Dubai. We manually repair the vehicles and guarantee 100% original part replacement. We don’t believe in making use of any type of harmful or fake product on our client’s vehicles.

Repairs as per vehicle standards

The products and tools used in our garage are truly in accordance to standards like the interior cleaners, wheel alignment tools, coolant exchange Dubai systems, frame balancing tool, the spray wax, tire dressings, washing pads, oil changing systems, microfibers and more.

You can also avail steering and suspension works in Dubai service from us. We also repair cars which have vehicles with an accident. We guarantee all our clients that you will get expert servicing and repairing from us.

Hassle-free car service

Our affordable prices and hard work makes us the number one choice and preferred car garage service providers for all our clients. Contact us for hassle-free steering and suspension works in Dubai and for other car service today.

We can understand that how important is the vehicle for you and what role it plays in your daily life. So it is very obvious that you will put your best to choose trustworthy and best truck service centre in Dubai.

NAS auto garage in Dubai works with diligence and transparency with the contemporary facilities available for the non luxury and luxury cars. The team of auto geeks are ready to serve the gear heads in the region.

The team of automobile intellects and mechanics offer services with skills and expertise to a wide variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. We follow the guidelines from the manufacturers to ensure the efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our ranges of our services are

  • Leaf Spring Repair
  • Leaf Spring Suspension Modification
  • Frame Balancing
  • Chassis Modification ( Frame Dubling )
  • Wheel Alignment for Trailer
  • AC system service and repair
  • Alternators and starters
  • Battery and electrical repair
  • Brakes and antilock service
  • Check Engine light diagnosis
  • Clutch service and repair
  • Coolant exchange
  • CV joints and axles
  • Engine repair and replacement
  • Headlight repair
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system
  • Oil change
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tires – mount, rotate
  • Water pumps
  • Exhaust System