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Frame Balancing Dubai

Najmat Al Sahra Garage - Specializing in Frame Balancing Dubai and General Repair

Najmat Al Sahara is serving the market of Dubai since last two decades and somewhere we can say that we stood steadily contributing in the pace of Dubai’s economy as we witnessed this emirate surmounting to the new heights of business culture in Asia.
In the year 1997 NAS was founded by successful duet of Mr. Hamid Raheel and Mr. Jamshed and they achieved what they dreamt of, to become one of the best auto garages in Dubai. NAS are also one of the first few set ups of Leaf spring garages in UAE.
  • We specialize in all kinds of leaf spring work and we also have our expertise in Chassis (Frame-work) modification and make the vehicle to carry up to 60-65 tons in weight. Please feel free to consult for more detailed information about chassis modification frame Dublin Dubai service.
  • We specialize in providing frame balancing Dubai service.
  • We have a wide range of spare parts used in the leaf spring industry for retail like : center bolts, U bolts, Leaf springs, Bushes, differentials (Jula), Brackets, Crosses (Assembly) and many more items.
  • Our technicians are fully competent to check engine light diagnosis Dubai. Proper care is necessary to keep the engine in finest condition. Our technicians are fully familiar with the complex anatomy of a complex engine and suggest the necessary alterations if required. In some cases, replacement of certain spare parts becomes a necessity. So, whether it is some necessary replacement or simply process of check engine light diagnosis Dubai, Najmat Al Sahara Garage is always ready to assist.
  • For coolant exchange Dubai service, you should consult Najmat Al Sahara Garage. Expert technicians always suggest draining the old, dirty coolant and replacing the same with fresh, new coolant on a periodic interval. We provide coolant exchange Dubai service after which your engine will perform smoothly without any interruption.

Why NAS?

To consider the repair of your trucks and other heavy equipments with us you have to look for our expert level auto repair service centre in Dubai. We are located at multiple locations.

The team of our skilled and certified mechanics has a deep sense that the tools are worthy to reverence. We feel pride in our greasy workshop attire and we follow the rule that always follow right thing with best results.


We focus on serving to greater length to ensure that expectations are always met.


Business would not exist any longer, if the services are not for customers.

  • Why NAS?

    To consider the repair of your automobile with us you have to look

  • Mission & Vision

    We focus on serving to greater length to ensure that expectations